Nier-Automata Yorha Troops Extermination Plan - Opiumud


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Description: This time this is a porn parody of Nier-automata. Yohra is launching the general offense to the Earth after Adam and Eve were destroyed. All the troops are infected with the virus except 9S and 2B. They were doing their best to fight back enemy forces but somehow 9S was knocked out.<br /><br />He was shocked when he opened his eyes - 2B was raped by their allies, robots and bunch of others right in front of him and he could not do anything about it - only watch. It turned out that A2 is in love and jealous to 9s’. All this keeps on going and they touch and play with each other. Will A2 keep calm and keep them alive or will she kill somebody?
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Models: 2B Opiumud